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We know that finding the right people can be a time-consuming process.


At Francis Consultancy, we aim to save you time and money by sourcing the best possible candidates at a competitive rate. Not only do we advertise regularly online using specialist and generic websites, but we also network and head hunt potential candidates; guaranteeing a blend of people with different skills and languages, including French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.


Francis Consultancy Rates


Here at Francis Consultancy,  we like to keep things as open as possible, and have put our standard rates below of what we can offer you!


Introduction Rates for Permanent Positions: 20% of basic salary

(Please note that all charges are subject to the addition of Value Added Tax.)



In an ideal world, every piece of recruitment would run smoothly. However in reality, circumstances occur which can result in either the client or the candidate realising that they are not an ideal match.


If this happens, Francis Consultancy will offer a free replacement within the first month, unless the candidate is made redundant

All we ask is a two week sole agency period to allow us time to source an appropriate replacement for you. If we are unsuccessful, we will offer a rebate up to 10%.


For more information on our rates please email or call 020 3931 8543


If you have a particularly difficult position to fill or are just looking for that little extra help with your vacancies, do not hesitate to get in contact with us or drop us a job.


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