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  • Richard Okolo

Why Sales?

It’s Year 5 and your teacher asks what you want to be when you grow up, a fireman? A ballerina? A doctor? An astronaut? A scientist? We’ve heard it all before but funnily enough – no kid ever says they want to go into recruitment or become tech salesman. But the real question is, why not?

Yes - I understand that being a recruiter will not appeal to a 10 year old but for a recent grad, Sales is the PERFECT industry to start your career in. Not only because it introduces you to a competitive and dynamic industry, but because the skills you will learn, will form the foundation of your knowledge which you can further build on as you develop professionally.

In every entry level role, you always have to start from the bottom and work your way up. This is exactly the same in Sales, we can all agree that cold calling and working those extra hours isn’t the sexiest offer in the world… but that doesn’t mean you should rule out Sales.

A lot of people fall into a Sales role and survive rather than thrive, that’s fair and it definitely isn’t the industry for everyone. However, being in a Sales role will expose you to a wealth of experiences that no other career can. Some may work in Sales or Recruitment and vow never to go back, some find their groove and never look back – the most important thing is, you gained those valuable experiences and skills.

Here at FC we believe perseverance, intuition, time management, the ability to work under pressure, resilience, and learning to trust your gut and believe in yourself are some of the key things we’ve gained from working in Recruitment and Sales.

The skills most associated with salespeople include negotiation, persuasion and being a good listener – three of the most vital skills needed for career progression, according to Senior Business Leaders in a Study by Huthwaite International.

So, the moral of the blog post is, Sales roles are an excellent entry level position for anyone looking to gain a base knowledge of valuable, transferable skills that are applicable to all career paths.

We have some REALLY fabulous entry level Sales roles at the moment, so if you are looking to start your career in Sales or looking for something a little different – give us a call! We’d love to hear from you!

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