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What the tech?

As the competition gets fiercer and the requirements get more impossible, here are four reasons why you should look at joining a tech start-up compared to a larger company. It’s no big secret that the tech industry is huge – so why discard the idea of working in a start-up? A lot of the time, small businesses offer big opportunities for their staff, especially grads.

1. It’s a challenging environment

Working in a start-up can often place you in an environment where you will be learning a huge amount in a fast paced, dynamic, exciting environment as you go, getting stuck in straight away and dealing with a huge range of responsibilities. These experiences are something that you may not have access to in a large, structured and established company.

Every minute matters in a start- up; therefore there is constant emphasis on efficiency and effective working. You need to be proactive, productive and progressive. There will always be something to do, giving grads the opportunity to be pushed out of their comfort zone and build up those in demand digital skills. Working in a challenging and fast paced environment may take some adapting to but it will make every success more rewarding than the last.

2. Experience, experience and more experience

Working in a start- up allows you to have a bit more breathing space in your role. It’s likely that there will be less structure, unlike a grad scheme in a larger company, therefore you can experience every aspect of the business and find what interests you the most. A lot of the time, the first year you spend in a start-up could equate to the same intensity, responsibility and variety of work as several years at a larger company.

This should be seen as a positive; one of the best things of working in a small company or a start- up is that you are learning so much as soon as you walk in the door. The responsibilities you will gain and the opportunities you will have access to may be much more rewarding and hands on when compared to a bigger company.

3. Start your career off to a great one

Working in a start-up allows you to grow in whatever direction and speed you like. Since you will be experiencing a variety of responsibilities and seeing the business from all different angles, strong performance from grads is likely to result in increased responsibility and career advancement – unlike the structure and process that you are most likely to encounter at a larger company.

Being able to discuss and converse with all levels of management is an opportunity that should not be taken for granted! Being able to broaden your knowledge and learn directly from hugely influential and significant individuals is great, also helping you identify areas where you may like to specialise in or build on your skills.

4. Part of the next big thing

Everything has to start somewhere! When you first walk into your first day at a tech start – up, it’s very true that you have no idea where it could take you. Whilst the start- up you are working for may never be the next ground breaking app, you could be involved in something really exciting and innovative. Having a first-hand experience in the growth and development of a company and seeing what it takes to manage one is something that not everyone gets to experience.

So seize the opportunity and see how working in a tech start-up can help you develop, broaden and highlight the skills you need in this ever changing industry!

We are currently working with some really interesting and innovative tech companies who are recruiting for new roles. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in contact!

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