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  • Richard Okolo

What makes a good employer?

Although it is a huge motivator, money is not everything! Here are four factors that you should take into consideration when looking at a company:

  • Development opportunities– companies showing they are willing to invest in the development and skill set of their employees are great. This shows they want to add to your professional value through working at their company! Pretty good offer if you ask me…

  • Culture – creating a strong and defined culture at a company can be tricky, but one that is engaging, empowering and exciting is a huge bonus. Somewhere employees feel they are thriving in a positive atmosphere is only going to increase moral and hopefully productivity too.

  • External and internal consideration- a company that is conscious of not only their employees but their impact on the external environment should be an attractive perk for any employee. It’s showing the company wants to, and is actively, making a difference internally with their employees but also externally!

  • Transparency – It is important that all employees have a strong understanding of the strategy and goals of the business; 1. So they can create an action plan of how they can help achieve these goals and 2. Through feeling involved, valued and having your passions and voices heard, you as an employee will be motivated and driven to achieve these goals and accomplishments for both the business and yourself. Win-win!

Overall, it’s important that your role is offering not only a competitive salary but also the skills, knowledge and experiences to better your professional profile for the long run!

We have some great new roles here at Francis Consultancy so if you (or anyone you know) are looking for a new role within Digital Marketing or Sales – then please do get in touch!

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