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  • Richard Okolo

How to Prep for an Interview

Do your research on the company – know what they do, what they specialise in, their main competitors and any recent news or events that have occurred in the business.

· Know the role – make sure you’ve read the job description/spec inside out and back to front, that way you know where your strengths lie and if you have any queries about the role, you can be specific and ask!

· Have the basics down – knowing your answer for typical interview questions such as what you can bring to the company, your biggest achievements in your last role and what your overall career aspirations are , will really help you avoid that awkward thinking on the spot moment.

· ASK QUESTIONS – this is so important! Showing a genuine interest in the role, the company, the industry and even the interview process will show your interviewer that you are serious about pursuing this role at their company. P.S – it

· Last but not certainly not least…

1. Look presentable, even if they say its casual, smart is always safe!

2. Be on time – there is NO excuse for being late, plan your journey, especially if you are relying on public transport! Delays, closures and cancellations can occur at any time, so be on the ball!

3. Be enthusiastic – showing a passion for the industry and company, excitement and your personality will only work in your favour!

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